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The Brief

Develop an overarching marketing strategy and plan for promoting Good Food Month 2017.

Additionally provide creative direction for all campaign and event creative, deliver full social media management services pre and during the event, and manage event public relations.

Our Work

Following declining interest in 2016 and general consumer confusion over the Good Food Month offering, Example were engaged by Fairfax Events to develop a new marketing strategy and plan to reengage interest in 2017 and beyond.

With objectives including to strengthen brand and positioning, create shareable moments and increase revenue and footfall, Example worked with Fairfax Events to redefine target audiences and reposition the event and its offering.

By developing an event theme that focussed on food-related memories (whether they be throwback, defining, adventure or in the now memories), and creating a brand structure that clearly showcased the Good Food Month offering (including Hyde Park Palms events, Night Noodle Markets and Let’s Do Lunch), Example successfully reinvigorated interest in the event.



Content pillars were developed, as was an in-depth content strategy, media strategy, social media strategy, digital strategy and public relations strategy.



Following development of the overall marketing strategy and plan, Example were given responsibility for overall creative direction of all campaign creative, UX & design of the renewed website, developing all campaign content, and were tasked with promoting the event via social media and public relations.



Taking on full management of @goodfoodmonth Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels between 15 August and 31 October 2017, Example developed all social media content calendars, and took responsibility for content posting, negotiating and managing influencer partnerships, encouraging and harnessing UGC (User Generated Content) and initial community management services.


During the campaign and event period, Example’s work resulted in organic audience growth (increased social following) of 8,418 across all @goodfoodmonth channels, and the harnessing of 9,854 pieces of UGC (campaign target was 3k+).

On a public relations front, Example employed a collaborative approach to fuse traditional PR with media partnerships and influencer engagement.

In previous years Good Food Month had relied solely on Fairfax media titles for press coverage, however Example’s approach resulted in a total of 121 items of media coverage (with a PR media reach of 2,082,275) for the event across a broad spectrum of tiles. Of the total, 65 articles were generated prior to October (Good Food Month), with event communications launching 15 August with a targeted press announcement.



During the campaign and event period, Example pitched key talent interviews and menu reveals, worked with Gelato Messina, Brand’s Laira and Mercedes on a media and influencer send-outs, established media partnerships with Concrete Playground and The Urban List, organised influencer takeovers of Good Food Month channels and hosted targeted media and influencers at numerous events as part of the Good Food Month programme.



Good Food Month 2017 (Sydney) has since been deemed a success, with ticket sales and footfall exceeding expectations, and the event repositioned as an exciting and enticing proposition.

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